The jewelry collections shown here in this website are designed and hand-created for today’s contemporary woman who appreciates both modern and classical art, and who sees jewelry as a way to express her love of art and beauty.

Each collection is unique and distinct:


-  Bronze in Blackexhibits gold-gilded designs embedded  in black Plexiglas.


-  Each piece in the Black and White collection shows sophistication in hand-carved Plexiglas and can be

   worn day or evening.

-  The Ice Sculpturescollection gravitates attention with sculpted pieces shaped in remarkably crystal-clear



-  Colorbursts’  generate a summery and light-hearted feeling with their bright colors, and flowing and

    circular shapes in Plexiglas.


-  Neon, with its’ ability to glow under sunlight or black lights, is perfect for wearing on a summer day or in

   the evening at clubs.


-  The jewelry in the Reflections collection aims to show the ability of sterling silver to reflect light.

          "In my work, I try to unearth the beauty which is hidden in the mediums I use. Flowing designs, 

          contrasting colors and hand-carving techniques establish a dramatic style that allows each 

          collection and each piece to be unique. I design keeping in mind the union between the body 

          and the jewelry resulting in a soft, comfortable feeling for the wearer. I design for the woman

          who wants to look and feel attractive, artistic, stylish and one-of-a-kind."

                                                                                                                          - Vladimir, Jewelry Designer


About myself: I graduated with a Masters in Decorative Art from The Academy of Industrial Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, and created jewelry for theaters and film in Russia, and the opera house in Vienna, Austria. For the past thirty-six years, I have been designing and hand-creating jewelry in my Little Studio, and for more than twenty-four years, I have been teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. For information about the courses I offer in The Little Studio, please visit

I welcome you to this site, and hope to hear your reaction to the collections here. Please Contact us to share with me your thoughts, and if you would like to purchase any of these items.

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